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GP-5000 High powered pupply rectifier

GP-5000 is a power adapter that can convert 220V input AC to 0-1000V continuously adjustable DC. The maximum output current is 5A and the maximum output power is 5KW. GP-5000 adopts switching power supply technology, which improves power efficiency and lightens weight. It meets higher power requirements with more portable and reliable solutions.



Compared with the traditional rectifier power supply, it has lighter weight and smaller volume, perfect protection mechanism to ensure the safety and reliability of the product


Output voltage is up to 1000VDC, output power is 5A. The maximum power is 5KW


The maximum power of GP-5000 rectifier is 5KW. It is designed with the latest digital power supply technology. The output voltage is adjustable in the range of 0-1000v, the maximum current is 5A, and the conversion efficiency is more than 90%

Application Direction

Product Features

1、Continuous adjustable output DC voltage: 0-1000V

2、The maximum output current is 5A.

3.、The external input voltage: 220V AC without built-in battery pack.

4.、It has the built-in current-limiting protection that save more electricity when it is used as the power for transmission.

5.、The built-in over-temperature protection, over-current protection, short-circuits protection and appropriate protection of the external inductive load can ensure the safety and reliability of the product.

6.、The LED screen displays the input and output voltage.

Technical Parameter Index

GP5000 parameter





IP Rating



Over- current, over -voltage, high temperature

Maximum Voltage


Maximum Current


Working Temperayure


Storage Temperature


Input Voltage

220V A.C.

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