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BP-250 Rechargeable D.C. power pupply booster

BP-250 Rechargeable D.C. Power Supply Booster Specialized power supply booster for D.C. electrical method. This device assists clients to generate D.C. transmitting source up to 250V in field, by simply using any regular 24V batteries. This device is design to be optimized for pulse transmission loading mode and supports 0.5A constant current output, allowing clients to tackle survey environment with potentially complicated electrical field.


Application Direction

Product Features

1、BP-250 D.C power supply booster helps users to obtain the maximum 250V DC transmission power by using the conventional 24 V battery on site.

 2.、According to the load form of pulse emission, the reliability optimization design is carried out, and 0.5A constant current output mode is provided to help users cope with the test of complex electrical environment

Technical Parameter Index

 BP250 parameters





IP Rating



Reverse Input polarity, low voltage, over -current, over-voltage, short circuit, high temperature

Maximum Voltage


Maximum Current

0.5A Constant Current

Working Temperayure


Storage Temperature


Input Voltage

24V D.C

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