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  • Geophysical engineer

    Education:Bachelor's degree and postgraduate degree or above Number of recruits:2 Based in:Shenzhen

    Job Responsibilities:

    1、Responsible for the company's urban road disease investigation and contaminated site investigation project related work, including the preparation of project technical plans, implementation of projects, data processing, and issuance of reports;

    2、Participate in technical exchange forums, seminars, etc. in the industry organized or participated in by the company;

    3、Participate in the company's technical work iteration, follow up with industry norms, standards and technology development trends, introduce relevant new technologies, new equipment or materials, and guide the R&D department to carry out relevant development and test work;

    4、Participate in and be responsible for the technical training of other business departments of the company;


    1、Bachelor degree or above, majors in geophysics, survey technology and engineering, hydrogeology, surveying and mapping engineering, environment and resources, etc.;

    2、Have 3-5 years of relevant work experience in the field of geophysical prospecting, and can be proficient in using high-density electrical method, electromagnetic method, ground penetrating radar and other geophysical prospecting equipment, or proficient in one of them;

    3、Familiar with ground penetrating radar users is preferred;

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  • Field survey geophysical technology engineer

    Education:Bachelor's degree and postgraduate degree or above Number of recruits:2 Based in:Shenzhen

    Job Responsibilities:

    1、Responsible for the technical operation of the project team;

    2、Cooperate with sales staff in technical communication and exchanges with owners;

    3、Undertake part of the work of the project manager, responsible for the execution and closing of the project, including the output of the report;

    4、Responsible for problem records and technology accumulation during the project

    5、Responsible for the learning and introduction of the company's cutting-edge technology


    1、Bachelor degree or higher degree, geophysics and engineering industry is preferred;

    2、Familiar with the use of geophysical equipment, including high-density; electrical method, radar, EM, etc., familiar with the use of GPS positioning tools;

    3、Familiar with the use of MATLAB tools, familiar with CAD drawing;

    4 、5 years and above work experience. Familiar with geological survey, site survey, landfill and other related knowledge, familiar with project tracking and bidding process;

    5、Familiar with on-site project management and have certain project management experience;

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  • Radar data processing engineer

    Education:Education: Bachelor's degree and postgraduate degree or above Number of recruits:2 Based in:Shenzhen

    Job Responsibilities:

    1、Responsible for data analysis of ground penetrating radar for road/field engineering inspection projects;

    2.、for planning, organizing, and implementing to improve the accuracy of team ground penetrating radar data analysis;

    3、Establish standard data processing and evaluation rules, and promote industry standards;

    4、Responsible for the selection and testing of ground penetrating radar hardware for different application scenarios;

    5、Responsible for communicating with ground penetrating radar suppliers and continuously optimizing software and hardware;

    6、Assist the technical department to develop algorithms and software suitable for ground penetrating radar data processing and target extraction;

    7、Follow up the application progress of the ground penetrating radar industry to ensure the company's leadership in this field;


    1、Engineering geophysical prospecting, geophysics, environmental engineering and other related majors, bachelor degree or above;

    2、Engaged in ground penetrating radar application work for more than 2 years, engaged in this type of work for more than 3 years can appropriately relax the professional and academic requirements;

    3、Familiar with ground penetrating radar technology principles, data processing methods, target interpretation methods;

    4、Understand the characteristics of mainstream geological radars at home and abroad, and experience in actual use of multiple equipment is preferred;

    5、Have strong learning skills, communication skills, and time management skills

    6、Has a strong interest in the engineering geophysical prospecting industry;

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  • International sales representative

    Education:Education: College degree or above Number of recruits:2 Based in:Shenzhen

    Job Responsibilities:

    1、Responsible for the international marketing of the company's geological prospecting instruments and system products, develop and maintain customer relationships;

    2、Responsible for collecting information on customers, competitors, and projects in the corresponding regions, and participating in the formulation of international market strategies;

    3、Participate in product promotion plan planning and promotion activities in the global market

    4、Responsible for collecting customer and market requirements and submitting to the corresponding department;

    5、Accept other tasks assigned by superiors;


    1、College degree or above, science and engineering background is preferred, rich sales experience, good at interpersonal communication, and strong market development ability. If you have a major in geology, geophysics, or environmental protection, or have been engaged in environmental protection, solid waste disposal and other related industries, those who have contact with or used geophysical instruments or special instruments are preferred;

    2、1-3 years of international marketing work experience; those who have contacted or used geophysical prospecting equipment are preferred;

    3、CET-4 or above, fluent in listening, speaking, reading and writing in English;

    4、Good communication skills and teamwork spirit

    5、Be able to adapt to business trips and have the spirit of bearing hardships and stand hard work.

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