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On the afternoon of December 19th, a group of more than 40 people from the EMBA1415 class came to Shenzhen International Innovation Valley located in the Liuxiandong Headquarters Base. They visited Lubang Technology founded by Li Xiaochun and Liao Ainan, and Geomative CO., LTD., founded by Yuan Quan. It also discussed various aspects such as how science and innovation enterprises can gain insight into market demand and find the direction of innovation, how to design business models to achieve sales landing, the growth of entrepreneurial teams, and cultural construction. During the event, Zhang Xiuping, director of the Municipal Small and Medium-sized Technology Enterprise Development Promotion Center, and Yan Meiwen, general manager of Huadian Decoration, shared the government's support policies for technological innovation and the creation of an office environment for technological enterprises.


Teacher Yan Lu, the head teacher, presented the handicrafts with the theme of Yanyuan's beautiful scenery on behalf of the college


meeting venue

In 2018, Chun Ge, who successfully completed his first business venture, was optimistic about the huge market prospects of the optical industry and established Lubang Technology. With the mission of promoting scientific and technological civilization with optical technology, he began the development and industrialization of optical products. After 3 years of hard work, independent research and development of core materials and core lithography equipment has broken the foreign monopoly and provided a strong guarantee for the development and production of high-end optical products. The company has developed more than 2,000 optical products, which can be applied to Vortex communication, the vortex wave plate and liquid crystal grating of aerospace communication have realized import substitution. Lubang Mall ( is an experimental toolbox created by Lubang for R&D personnel in the optical research field. It has currently served nearly 300 universities and scientific research units, contributing its own strength to improving experimental production capacity. Lubang's products are currently also widely used in photoelectric sensors, laser radar, optical system equipment, VR/AR, security, phototherapy and photobeauty. In just three years, Lubang has achieved a triple jump in performance. With the country’s increasing emphasis on scientific research and the rapid growth of the consumer market for scientific research devices, optoelectronic equipment and optoelectronic products, the development prospects of the optical industry are very broad. Will be able to seize the industry opportunities and go straight ahead. In 2020, even if the epidemic is raging and colleges and universities have reduced normal exchanges due to epidemic prevention measures, Lubang's performance will still increase significantly. Speaking of this, the exchange scene was greeted with warm applause.


Li Xiaochun introduced the company and products

Following Brother Chun, Ge Quan and the company's entrepreneurial team introduced the development history, strategic adjustment and focus, cultural construction, product technology, solutions, and industry-related policies, laws and regulations of Geomative 


Zhang Tianli, founder of Geomative , introduced the development of the company

The segmented centralized high-density electrical method series products developed by Geomative  have been exported to more than 40 countries and become a business card for domestic exploration equipment to enter the international market. Based on this product series, innovating and expanding new application scenarios, GeoMonitor online monitoring system is the soil remediation industry, and it is the only technical means and equipment that can realize the monitoring of soil and groundwater remediation process and the risk control and monitoring of contaminated sites. Beginning in 2016, the country has actively carried out research on soil and groundwater pollution investigation techniques based on geophysical methods, and has supported the verification and compilation of a number of national standards and guidelines. At the end of 2019, successfully participated in the national major special project "Soil Special Project 2.3" and undertook task tasks, responsible for the implementation of normative verification and standard formulation of the application of geophysical methods to contaminated sites, as well as the task of building an industry information platform. Aiming at the hidden danger of urban road holes, a comprehensive road inspection platform was developed this year. In the entire urban engineering survey industry, it was the first to break through the public classification positioning technology under the "GPS + inertial navigation" urban environment. At the same time, an automatic distributed processing platform was developed to solve The problem of massive data processing. The cloud-based results display and exception handling platform facilitates the seamless connection of service implementation and results delivery, as well as the construction of business models, and realizes the landing and realization of technological innovations in the market.


The road comprehensive detection technology of Geomative 

The control of soil and groundwater pollution is another outlet for the environmental protection industry after the control of air and surface water pollution. The market has huge potential, and the collapse of roads endangers everyone's safety. In 2019 alone, there were 346 underground pipeline accidents and 106 road collapse accidents across the country. The accidents caused 82 deaths, 102 injuries, and 3 loss of connection. This has attracted more and more attention from local governments at all levels, and the road cavity investigation industry will usher in During the period of rapid development, the market size is expected to exceed 5 billion per year. Yuan Quan’s explanation sparked a lively discussion. The students raised many in-depth questions about market prospects and technical fields, and the atmosphere was enthusiastic.

After the coffee break, Zhang Xiuping explained the science and technology support policy for the students. In order to encourage the introduction of high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen and the settlement of innovative talents, the government has given strong policies and support for industrial housing. This exchange will gather leaders from all walks of life, and understand the development of enterprises. Relevant supporting policies will have great advantages and help to the development of enterprises.


Student Zhang Xiuping introduced science and technology policy support projects

Geomative  new office was highly praised by the students. Yan Meiwen, who undertook the renovation project, also shared with the visiting students how to build an innovative corporate office environment. Introduced how to do functional partitioning, keep improving, and "repair" both inside and outside of office decoration, create a comfortable office environment, do a good job in corporate image management, display corporate strength "facade", and use the "soft" packaging of office culture to show "hardness" "strength.


Visit site-office building visit

After the sharing session, the students gathered at the Qiantangchao Science and Technology Park Store which was re-decorated and upgraded by Li Na for a dinner. In June 2011, with his love and understanding of food and catering, respect and dedication to good ingredients, Li Na founded the new Jiangnan cuisine brand "Qiantangchao". With a good reputation, Qiantangchao became familiar to more and more people, and gradually It has become one of the first choices for many Shenzhen people looking for Jiangnan cuisine. This year's new crown epidemic, the entire catering industry has gone through a life and death disaster. Under the leadership of Li Na, the Qiantang tide that survived catastrophes will surely soar into the sky like a phoenix that cannot be burned to death.

2020 is an extraordinary year. Two scientific and technological innovation companies, using practical actions to practice the college's philosophy of "thinking broadly and working down to earth" are moving towards success. And this exchange meeting also allowed students who are busy in various industries to stop and take a break. It not only deepens the emotional exchanges between students, but also enhances opportunities for business and technical exchanges, and provides opportunities for future cooperation. , And work together to create a better future.

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