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BP-450 D.C. Rechargeable power source

BP-450 is the latest generation of digital DC power supply. The supply voltage output includes 150V, 300V and 450V. The maximum output current is 1A and the maximum power output is 450W. BP-450 has a variety of built-in perfect protection mechanisms to ensure it can operate normally under any condition, and not causing any harm to other equipment. To adopt the advanced switching power supply technology of the electric-power industry, the power-supply efficiency is highly utilized, the battery capacity of single equipment is high, the usage time of BP-450 is substantially prolonged. With using low power, it is very suitable for field work.



BP-450 has a constant current function, when the current exceeds the default value, it will buck and constant current automatically and quickly, and the constant current value is 1A


BP-450 power supply comes with a large capacity internal lithium battery, provides three voltage level outputs 150V, 300V and 450. It is light and easy to carry

Application Direction


1、Adjustable three output DC voltage: 150V/300V/450V, the maximum output current is 1A.

2、 BP-450 power supply has built-in 48V/23.4AHithium battery module and the external batteries can be used to charge the equipment. External power supply voltage range: 43V to 59V.

3.、BP-450 power supply has the built-in current-limiting protection that can save more electricity when it is used as the power for transmission.

4.、BP-450 power supply has fast power load capacity and can respond to the change of power load. The response time is within 20ms to ensure the reliability of data..

5.、The built-in over-temperature protection, reverse polarity protection, over-current protection, low voltage protection and appropriate protection of the external inductive load can ensure the safety and reliability of the product.

6.、The LED screen displays the input and output voltage, and monitors the internal lithium battery module voltage and external output voltage in real time

Technical Parameter Index

BP450 Parameters





IP Rating


Maximum Current

1A Constant Current

Output Mode

Constant Current

Working Temperature


Storage Temperature


Charging Voltage

120-250V A.C

Internal Battery

Lithium Battery

Battery Capacity


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