Celebrate geomative technology officially becoming a member of "central environmental association" and "underground pipeline professional committee"

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Geomative CO., LTD.became a member of "China Environmental Protection Industry Association" and a member of "Underground Pipeline Professional Committee of China Urban Planning Association".

On October 23, 2020, after a research decision by the Standing Council of the China Environmental Protection Industry Association, it was formally selected as a unit member of the "China Environmental Protection Industry Association". The membership number is: Zhonghuanxie 7355, which is Saiying's active participation in environmental protection. An important move for your career.


Certificate of Member of Central Association

The China Environmental Protection Industry Association was established in 1984 and has more than 2,700 member units. It has cooperated with tens of thousands of environmental protection enterprises through the environmental protection industry associations of various provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, and sub-provincial cities. Mainly engaged in product certification, engineering demonstration, and technical evaluation in the field of environmental protection industry; organize various international and domestic industry technical exchanges and cooperation, hold exhibitions, technology promotion and other activities. The association insists on focusing on the construction of ecological civilization, protecting the ecological environment, promoting green development, and improving environmental quality. It is a highly influential representative association in the industry.

On November 4 of the same year, Geomative participated in the member selection activity of the Underground Pipeline Professional Committee of the China Urban Planning Association, and was honored to be selected as a member of the Underground Pipeline Professional Committee. This participation in the conference provides a broad opportunity for technological exchanges for Saiying Geotechnologies to explore the development of underground cavities and road collapses, and actively participate in the construction of "5G Smart City".


Underground pipeline membership certificate

Geomative always takes environmental protection as its mission, science and technology as the guide, quality as its life, and customer-centric. Provide customers with high-quality scientific research equipment and technical services. Join influential associations in the industry, broaden the industry's horizons, actively participate in the association's technical exchange activities, and provide more cutting-edge technology and thoughtful services for improving human health and safety.

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