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GD-5 D.C. Resistivity Meter


It is the basic model only with functionof SP survey and 1D Resistivity VES survey. 


* Function of 1D electrical Resistivity & SP(self -potential)
* P
ower: 250V/500Vp-p, 2A, 500W
* More arrays
* Flexible configuration
* Can't support online upgrade


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* SP(self-potential) survey   &  1D Resistivity VES survey




* Underground water exploration

* Pollution monitoring and mapping

* Salinity control

* Depth-to-rock determination

* Weathered bedrock localization                               

* Depth and thickness of aquifers

* Civil engineering

* Archangeology







DC electrical prospecting is to transmitting a current I through two measuring electrodes and measuring a voltage V with two potential electrodes which can image the underground geological structures through surface electrical measurements by apparent resistivity.


Apparent resistivity:     , k is polar distance constant











* Portable and Compact

1、Power source, transmitter and receiver in a single unit

2、Total weight of the unit including the internal battery

3、 Data storage in the instrument with 8GB capacity for about 4000,000 readings

4、USB serial interface enables the instrument to communicate with computers for upgrade or data manage

* Reliability

1、Water proof , dust proof

2、Shock resistant fiber-glass case.

3、Protection: Seal, over-voltage, over-current, high-temperature, open circuit, reverse connect, leakage, lightning.

* Measurement and display of ground resistance, current, voltage, self potential and standard deviation.

* Modular Design: Hardware, Software and License are separate entity. It supports online upgrade for more functions.

* Two software platforms: GD -10 UI combined Geomative Studio data management software on PC enable the easy operation and high efficiency.  








     Max transmitting power 500W
     Max transmitting voltage 250V

     Max transmitting current

     Protection Seal over-voltage reverse lighting leakage high temperature over current short circuit
     Current precision 0.3% ± 1uA
     Input resistance ≥20MΩ
     Iteration 1~255 times


     Voltage range ±24V
     Voltage precision 0.3% ± 1uV
     SP compensation ±10V (auto)
     Frequency interference ≧95dB (50Hz or 60Hz)
   Input impedance ≧100MΩ
   Automatic SP bucking ±10V
   Stacking 1-255



     Display 5.7 inch color LCD
     Interface A/B/M/N/
     Internal battery built-in 16.8V
    Storage 8GB, about 4000,000 readings
     Internal booster 250V (only GD-5)
     Charging voltage 100~250V (50Hz or 60Hz, only GD-5) 
     External battery 30V~60V
     Working temperature -10°C~+60°C
     Storage temperature -20°C~+60°C
     Working humidity 95 %
     Dimension 39cm*20cm*29cm
     Weight                                        8KG                                                                      






















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