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GD-10 SENIOR Digital DC Resistivity/IP Instrument


GD-10 series is a new electrical geophysical exploration system with highly engineered & cutting edge technology with a revolutionary change. It is promoted to market focusing the best solution to meet emerging technological advancements, cost affordability, flexibility in field practices, the greatest accuracy in geo-electrical exploration, the enduring sustainability for a basic user to a progressive researcher.


GD-10 series supports 1D VES, 2D ERI and 3D ERT Resistivity/IP measurement, which are the versatile geophysical method apply for a broad range of applications, as groundwater and mineral exploration, infrastructure site investigations and so on.


GD-10 series divided into Junior, Senior, Advanced 2D, Supreme 2D, Supreme 2D Plus, Supreme 3D and Supreme 3D Plus with different configurations.

Description Specification Upgrade display:none Component Design Concept
GD-10 Senior Digital DC Earth Resistivity/IP Instrument is the basic resistivity/induced polarization instrument with function of SP survey and 1D Resistivity/IP sounding  survey.


Power: 800V/1600Vp-p 4A 3200W



* SP survey & 1D Resistivity VES survey & 1D Induced Polarization sounding survey




* Underground water inspection

* Engineering geology inspecting as dam base exploration and flood

* metal source exploration

* Non-metal source exploration

* City geophysical exploration

* Railway and bridge






* Power source transmitter and receiver in a single unit.

* Easy to use design: Hardware Software and License are separate entity. It supports online upgrade for more function.

* Two software platforms: GD-10 UI combined Geomative Studio data management software on PC enable the easy operation and high efficiency.

* USB serial interface enables the instrument to communicate with computers for upgrade or data manage.

* 8GB storage capacity for about 4000000 readings.

* Receiver supports transient over-voltage protection for input voltage; transmitter supports protections of over-voltage over-current AB open-circuit reverse connect.

* Measurement and display of the chargeability (IP) through 5 predefined windows.

* Real-time onside measuring data evaluation.

* Multi measuring parameters as voltage current resistivity relative error SP chargeability array constant measuring point and so on device parameters and project parameters. 











 IP Mode:

 * full time window record

 * M0~M4 output 












     Max transmitting power 3200W
     Max transmitting voltage ±800V

     Max transmitting current

     Protection Seal over-voltage reverse lighting leakage high temperature over current short circuit
     Pulse width 0.5 1 2 4 8 16 32 64s (option)
     Current precision 0.3% ± 1uA
     Input resistance ≥20MΩ
     Iteration 1~100 times



     Voltage range ±24V
     Voltage precision 0.3% ± 1uV
     SP compensation ±10V (auto)
     Frequency interference ≧95dB (50Hz or 60Hz)



     Display 5.7 inch full color LCD with backlight 640*480
     Interface A/B/M/N/∞ multi-electrode cable socket 1/2 charge external power USB RS485
     Storage ≥8GB for about 4000000 readings
     Internal battery built-in 16.8V lithium battery for continously 24 hours w
     Charging voltage 100~250V (50Hz or 60Hz)
     External battery 30V~60V
     Working temperature -10°C~+60°C
     Storage temperature -20°C~+60°C
     Working humidity 95 %
     Dimension 39cm*20cm*29cm
     Weight                                         8KG                                                                      



  1D Resistivity Survey  

* 1D Resistivity is a quick method to measure the depth to bedrock groundwater table and permafrost at a specific location.





1D Induced Polarization Survey












Two software platforms:

UI on GD-10 Mainframe & Geomative Studio on PC.

Geomative Studio is the data management software which enable the easy operation and high efficiency.


1D script of Geomative Studio:








GD-10 Senior Digital DC Res/IP Instrument is the basic 1D model which supports online upgrade to 2D/3D imaging system for more funcitons as  GD-10 Supreme 2D  GD-10 Supreme 2D Plus GD-10 Supreme 3D GD-10 Supreme 3D Plus. 



GD-10 SENIOR Technical Specification:



Max transmitting power


Maximum voltage

± 800V

Maximum current

± 4A



Input impedance

≥ 20MΩ

Input voltage range

± 24V

Impulse width

0.125 0.25 0.5 1 2 4 8 16 32 64 (option)

SP compensation range

± 10V


≧95dB (50Hz or 60Hz)

Current accuracy





LCD display

color LCD


≥8GB about 4000000 readings

Working temperature

-10°C~+50°C (Environmental) 95 %RH

Storage temperature

-20°C~+60°C (Environmental)

Power supply

built-in 16.8V lithium battery or external 12V power supply



The GD-10 Series includes 6 different configurations with different funcitons:


     Junior:  SP survey 1D Res VES survey

     Senior:  SP survey 1D Res/IP VES  survey

     Supreme 2D:  SP survey 1D Res/IP VES survey 2D Res Imaging survey  

     Supreme 2D+:  SP survey 1D Res/IP VES survey 2D Res/IP Imaging survey

     Supreme 3D:  SP survey 1D Res/IP VES survey 2D/3D Res Imaging survey

     Supreme 3D+:  SP survey 1D Res/IP VES survey 2D/3D Res/IP Imaging survey




Online Upgrade

         from low configuration to high configuration for more functions:


* Note: The final configuration is based on the final order.






GD-10 Mainframe



Star-like Electrode






Optional Items:




BP-145 DC power source















GD-10 Geo-electrical Series is a new developed geophysical exploration equipment with revolutionary breakthroughs. At the early design ST Geomative has always uphold the following three concepts:




Face to Filed: improve field working efficiency

Face to Test: multi-function multi-parameters high precision real-time data evaluation

Face to User: affordable easy operation low maintenance cost














   Face to Filed 


1.  The New Sublevel Centralized Cable System

It is designed with high novelty including all the advantages of the existing distributed and centralized cable system in 2D/3D Res/IP imaging survey which features light low cost easy operation.

The bi-directions design in multi-electrode cable and cable leader enable the innovation on the connection of electrodes and ensure multi-function in one unit.




2. 2D/3D rolling measurement

2D/3D rolling measurement enable limited cable for long-section measuring point is not repeated extremely high efficiency.



3. Geomative Studio Software
The software of GD-10 Multi-function DC Geo-electrical Res/IP System includes two parts: the embedded software UI in GD-10 mainframe and Geomative Studio on PC. The two parts combined as a new way is available to break through the limits of tradition system enable the system with powerful software.


Geomative Studio is the whole data management platform including device management project management and script management.
  Device management: manage device according to online device and offline device;
  Project/Data management: manage measuring project according to different levels as “ project-zone-task”;
  script management: classify manage according to 1D script 2D script 3D script which can edit advance and store in mainframe by USB port then recall during filed work onsite.



4. Optimized Accessories
All the accessories of GD-10 system are optimized carefully as star-like electrode connector of cable BP-145 all will be helpful to improve the field working efficiency.



   Face to Test


1. Multi-function
GD-10 system supports 1D Res/IP VES Sounding 2D/3D Res/IP Imaging Survey as well as High-power Induced Polarization Measurement Real-time Environmental Monitoring and so on with different configurations.


2. Multi-parameter
Full parameters enable the measurement more objective and accurate.


Res method

IP method

Environment parameters

Late recalculated

- Current:Ip

- Current:Ip

- Latitude

- Half decay:Th

- Potential:Vp

- Potential:Vp

- Test Time

- Attenuation:D

- Pseudo R:V/I

- Pseudo R:V/I

- Ground resistance

- Deviation:R

- Apparent R :R0

- Apparent R :R0

- Temperature and humidity

- Integrated parameters:Zp

- Distance constant:K

- Distance constant:K

- Weather


- Self-potential:SP

- Self-potential:SP




- M0~M4 time window




- Whole decay curve





3. Real-time Data Evaluation

Test procession is visible for any problem immediately. One measuring point can be test repeatedly; even the iterations of each point could be set separately.





   Face to User


1.6 Kinds of Configuration
The different configurations from low to high meet the different requirements of market.


2. Modular Design
Hardware Software and License are separate entity. System with low configuration can upgrade high one for more functions through online upgrade. No waster on hardware cost.


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