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It is the microprocessor controlled digital power source with rechargeable facility.


It has LCD screen to display the voltage available in the battery.


It can output 150V, 300V, 450V power for option, which is portable and easy to be handled in field.

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BP-450 D.C Rechargeable Power Source is a new generation Digital DC Power Source. It can output 150V, 300V and  450V voltage.

*  Fully sealed Aluminum Alloy Shell
*  Over-current protection and over discharge protection
*  Displaying work status intelligently
*  Control Panel is replaceable
*  Portable



Max output voltage: 450V
Max output current: 12A
Charging voltage:  110V~ 240V AC
Output mode:  DC output
Operating Temp:  0 ℃/+60℃
Storage Temp:   -10℃/+60℃
Weight: 12.2Kg
Dimension: 265*200*295mm
Material of Shell:  Aluminum Alloy
Fuse Size:   5.2*20mm
Battery type: lithium battery


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