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GD-10 ADVANCED 2D Multi-electrode Resistivity Imaging System


Centralized System


GD-10 series is a new D.C. electrical geophysical Res/IP exploration system with highly engineered & cutting edge technology and a revolutionary change. It is promoted to market focusing the best solution to meet emerging technological advancements, cost affordability, flexibility in field practices, the greatest accuracy in geo-electrical exploration, the enduring sustainability for a basic user to a progressive researcher.


GD-10 series supports 1D VES, 2D ERI and 3D ERT Resistivity/IP measurement, which are the versatile geophysical method apply for a broad range of applications, as groundwater and mineral exploration, infrastructure site investigations and so on.


GD-10 series divided into Junior, Senior, Advanced 2D, Supreme 2D, Supreme 2D Plus, Supreme 3D and Supreme 3D Plus with different configurations.

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GD-10 Advanced 2D Multi-electrode Resistivity Imaging System is a resistivity induced polarization (IP) and self-potential (SP) portable instrument with large memory storage and user defined measure cycles.

CS-60 electrode swicher will control the electrode switching in the 2D Resistivity imaging survey which is more compatible. 



Power: 800V/1600Vp-p 4A 3200W




* SP survey

* 1D Resistivity VES survey & 1D Induced Polarization sounding survey

* 2D Resistivity Imaging (ERT)





Undergroundwater exploration dams and dikes monitoring geotechnical investigation environmental studies geological survey mineral prospecting archaeology detecting of cavities and buried objects marine quatz vein cross-hole measurements.




* Transmitting unit and receiving unit are of all-in-one design portable and lightweight.

* Super high-power high anti-interference performance and precision.

* Auto SP compensation up to ±10V.

* Grounding R could be inspected at any time.

* USB port enables it to transfer data to computer.









     Max transmitting power


     Max transmitting voltage


     Max transmitting current



Seal over-voltage reverse lighting leakage high temperature over current short circuit

     Pulse width

0.5 1 2 4 8 16 32 64s (option)

     Current precision

0.3% ± 1uA

     Input resistance



1~100 times




     Voltage range


     Voltage precision

0.3% ± 1uV

     SP compensation

±10V (auto)

     Frequency interference

≧95dB (50Hz or 60Hz)





5.7 inch full color LCD with backlight 640*480


A/B/M/N/∞ multi-electrode cable socket 1/2 charge external power USB RS485


≥8GB for about 4000000 readings

     Internal battery

built-in 16.8V lithium battery for continously 24 hours w

     Charging voltage

100~250V (50Hz or 60Hz)

     External battery


     Working temperature


     Storage temperature


     Working humidity

95 %










CS-60 Electrode Switcher



Electrode No.  60


Max working voltage 800V
Max working current 2A
Working temperature      





CB30 series multi-electrode Res cable


Max working voltage 800V
Max working current 4A
Insulation 1000V/1G
Take-outs single 30 pcs
Electrode space                5m 10m


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