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Passion Summer -- -- -- -- R&D Team Development Activities

2016-05-17 05:15

On 20th-21th of May, 2015, ST Geomative Co., Ltd, R & D department and production department colleagues came to the beautiful Hotel Good View

Sangem, attended the two-day team building activities and outdoor development, reward to us hard work in recently times.


The First Day

After arrival at the hotel, lay down their luggage, all of them came to the "boats" in this idyllic place to work and live communication.

First ,Mr.Wang share with the experience in India, and a summary of the product.

Mr.Wang get the deep impression about "Made in China" in the trip to India .Of course, the impression that there is good and bad. Emphasis is to tell us, do

product must ensure that customers admire, then we can proud of our product.

Next, everyone had spoken, for our work recently the status made a short summary. Although the day's weather is always volatile, but yet we still spent in the

laughter of the this romantic "trip on the lake."

In afternoon, Mr.Yuan introduced us with a beautiful Yoga teacher, to lead us to do Yoga, and talk to our self body building.

Do Yoga for sedentary office of research colleagues, this is not easy to do! But we still do strive to do their own state, but also on their physical condition have a

different understanding, We thought do Yoga is excellent!

Although Yoga just two hours, it also let us understand: When you think you reach the most difficult position when, in fact, can also be one more effort, you can do

better! Good body will have a good working condition.It very grateful Mr.Yuan care and thought for giving us this Yoga experience.

The Next Day

We have the relaxing time in the morning .

In the afternoon at 2:00pm, the official start of the main event of our team building activities.

From the teacher led us activities and match for two group , each of which is full of fun. Whether playing games or punishment, they are full of joy, we use our

brains actively preparing a team fighting experience joy and passion.

Team activities bring you more than just physical exercise, awareness of everyone on the team is improving: work together, support each other, standing others

position to thought, efficient completion of common goals!

Two days passed quickly, everyone of their colleagues and the team have a new understanding, we believe that in future work, we will be a best state and higher

productivity to work every day!